February 28, 2014
The Week's Top News

Achtung: German Work Councils To Become UAW’s Future

It is becoming more and more evident that the UAW needs a new organizing strategy for U.S. plants.

With the support of VW and successful experience in German auto plants, UAW has an opportunity to change American labor union strategy.


Financial Times
Auto Salespeople Becoming Chatting Product Advisors

The role of the traditional salesperson in a dealership keeps changing dramatically.

Dealer sales teams & their sales management, from showroom assistants to experts, are chatting online with customers.


Financial Times
Is Your Dealer Management Tracking How You Work?

One of the fastest growing parts of the data gathering business is studying how millions of company employees behave each day at work.

Company computers are telling management why people were hired & how productive they are.


Financial Times

VIDEO: A Lot Has Changed in Lending

Non credit bureau data provides insights to make credit decisions based on alternative payments. And these customers are profitable and loyal.

VIDEO: Smart Marketing Tips
  What You Know Ain’t So

Mark Twain once said that ‘It ain’t what you don’t know that will get you in trouble, it’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.’ And that’s something that could be said about a lot of dealership marketing notions floating around out there.

BLOG: Green Auto Market
  Cadillac ELR and BMW i8 — Who Had the Best Olympics Commercial?

Automotive Digest editor Jon LeSage looks at two popular TV commercials during the Winter Olympics — both of them pitching luxury, extended-range electric vehicles. While they were both entertaining, one of them nearly forgot to mention the car. Check out Jon’s Green Auto Market blog.

The Week's Top News

New Chevy, GMC SUVs to Achieve Up to 23 MPG

General Motors Co.’s new lineup of full-size sport utility vehicles will achieve up to 23 miles per gallon.

GM unveiled its new family of full-size SUVs late last year.


What Does “Connected Car” Mean?

The “connected car” is a phrase the automotive industry has played around with for years that’s now becoming better known to consumers.

It’s how your vehicle connects with you, your smartphone, the road, other vehicles, its manufacturer and itself.


Honda to Discontinue Insight Hybrid

Honda will end production of its Insight hybrid this month.

The Insight  is still the most fuel efficient non-plug-in car  with an EPA rating of 61 mpg highway and 53 mpg combined.


Doing It Right  

Participating is as easy as 1-2-3!

Only NADA and ATD members are eligible to participate.

There is no cost to participate in the 2014 NADA Dealership Workforce Study.

Participation is the only way for you to receive:

Benefits include:

  • Annual dealer-specific comparison reports for 60 dealership job positions
  • Expanded market area information includes turnover, retention, and other key workforce metrics
  • Streamlined data collection process includes survey and payroll file upload

Participate now—participation window ends April 30, 2014

Questions? Email or call 800.557.6232 .


Build a Better Dealership

What Could Off-Leasing Boom Mean in 2014?

Leasing turned things around for vehicle sales three years ago – fueled by low interest rates, rising residual values, and sweet deals from automakers with lower monthly payments.

Now, more off-lease customers are starting to return to the market. Automakers, dealers, and lenders are starting to ponder a few questions.

What does it mean for brand loyalty and customer retention? Off-lease customers tend to be good for retention, but the competitive landscape is getting intense with incentives and low-priced monthly payments being promoted.

General Motors entered the leasing race last month after being away for a long time.

Auto lenders have been softening their underwriting standards this year. Leasing has been growing in this environment. What if lenders have gone too far?

Click here to read about other issues being considered including early buyouts and the residual value environment…….

Smart Thinking - Pass It On  

Ricky Beggs
Editorial Director
Black Book

The expected price drop of 13.5% this year versus 12.8% last year is expected to continue. This pattern is being offset for the next couple of months as buyers use tax rebate checks to purchase used cars during “tax buying season.” Black Book has been compiling and reporting on data for four vehicle segments that may show price increases in the near-term.

Here’s Black Book’s detailed report on four key used car segments to watch

Entry-Level Cars Led All Segments in Price Gains in March-April 2013:
Continued gas price stabilization makes it difficult to repeat least year’s 1.5% increase.

Compact Cars Saw 1% Increase Last Year After 5% Decline for 3 Months:
Increased supply in market might make a repeat price increase difficult this year.

Mid-Size Pickup Trucks Increased by 0.7% March 1 – May 1 Last Year:
Contrary to compact cars, prices should increase this year even with lower supply.

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